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Supernatural episode First Born in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In 1863 in Jasper Springs, Mississippi
Cain uses his first blade with so much skill
On the demons protecting the Knight of Hell
Cain is able to kill

In the present day
Castiel tells Sam
That inside he still has some of Gadreel’s grace
Castiel can extract the grace
To use as a guide for Gadreel’s whereabouts to trace

Meanwhile Crowley tells Dean about the first blade
The weapon belonging to Cain the first son
If they can get the first blade they can use it to kill Abbadon
A battle will be won

Dean and Crowley go to Tara
A hunter friend of John’s
To locate the first blade they need a spell
Tara is reluctant to help them but she does
The spell turns out well

Dean and Crowley find Cain
The Father of Murder
Who has been living a quiet life keeping bees
When later the demons come and attack
Cain seems impressed watching Dean fight
Dean really has the knack

Cain tells Dean the first blade won’t work without the Mark
Cain transfers the Mark to Dean
A victory to find
But what Dean doesn’t know
The tragic consequences that the First Blade will bring to mind