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Supernatural episode Holy Terror in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

A glee club is actually a faction of angels
To a biker bar they go this night
To kill the rival angels
A gruesome sight

The rival angelic factions
Led by Malachi and Bartholomew
Is a truce even possible and bloodshed to rest
When angelic leaders believe that his faction is the best

At the biker bar
Castiel poses as an FBI agent with questions to ask
Ezekiel is not happy
Castiel’s presence makes Ezekiel’s job a more difficult task

Ezekiel goes outside
Metatron is who he sees
Metatron reveals Ezekiel’s true identity
For Ezekiel isn’t Ezekiel
Gadreel is who he turns out to be

Gadreel was considered a traitor
In Heaven’s prison is where Gadreel had been
Metatron offers Gadreel a deal
Where both of them can win

Meanwhile Castiel prays for assistance
An angel named Muriel shows
Later Muriel and Castiel are captured by Malachi
And tortured you know

Muriel is killed
But Castiel has a plan
To pretend he is working with Malachi’s henchman
Allowing him to overcome this angel
And steal the angel’s grace you understand

Metatron tests Gadreel’s loyalty
By something Metatron does ask
To kill Kevin Tran
Is Gadreel’s unspeakable task

Dean wanted for Sam to take control of Gadreel
A blood sigil is the way
But Gadreel is a step ahead of Dean
For Gadreel altered the blood sigil before he goes away