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Supernatural episode Rock and a Hard Place in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In South Dakota
A waitress named Honor sees a mysterious blue light
Honor is abducted and then placed in a chamber
On this night

Jody Mills calls the Winchesters
Sure this is a supernatural case
The brothers start putting together the clues
To determine what they will chase

The Winchesters end up in a chastity group
Are virgins the key
To learn what they can
The Winchesters will be born again virgins you see

Dean recognizes one of the chastity group leaders
For her porn star past
Soon Dean and the woman Suzy hook up
The vow of chastity doesn’t last

Dean and Suzy see the mysterious blue light
And like Honor are abducted too
Meanwhile Sam and Jody have done research
The goddess Vesta is a crucial clue

Vesta takes people
Who the vow of chastity they break
A goddess gets her tribute
From the people she takes

After some hairy moments
It is Jody who saves the day
By killing Vesta
The supernatural threat goes away