Supernatural episode Captives in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In the Men of Letters bunker
Flickering lights are a familiar taunt
The Winchesters soon realize
There’s a ghost in the bunker that haunts

The ghost is Kevin Tran
He is trapped in the veil
But Kevin spoke to a stripper named Candy
The information that came to Kevin’s mind
That his mother he needs for The Winchesters to find

Meanwhile Castiel is captured by some angels
To Bartholomew is where they take Castiel
Bartholomew wants Castiel on his team
This can’t turn out well

The Winchesters make contact with Candy
Who tell them that she and Mrs. Tran were captives
In a storage unit Candy told
The Winchesters find the storage unit
And locate Mrs. Tran a drama unfolds

Sam and Mrs. Tran are locked in the storage unit
Dean is taken captive by the storage unit demon this day
Luckily Mrs. Tran is able to get them free from the storage unit
And kill the demon anyway

Back at the Men of Letters bunker
Mrs. Tran and the ghost of Kevin reunite
Such a bittersweet moment
Between mother and son this night