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Supernatural episode Sharp Teeth in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Garth kills a cow
He runs
But doesn’t get too far
When he is struck by a car

The Winchesters find Garth in a hospital
So many questions to ask
But Garth flees
He’s not up to the task

The brothers locate Garth
A female werewolf they cut with a silver knife on the arm
Garth tells Sam and Dean not to hurt her
The female werewolf is Garth’s wife Bess and he doesn’t want her harmed

Garth is now a werewolf
That’s why he disappeared
He has a werewolf wife
And has embraced the werewolf life

Dean meets Bess’ father Reverend Jim
Bess’ stepmother and cousins too
But Dean still has doubts about the werewolf
Dean will continue to search for clues

Through his research Dean finds
The werewolves worship Fenris
And believe that when Ragnarok comes
They will rule over mankind

Bess’ stepmother kidnaps Sam
Garth and Bess too
Who she plans to kill
But in the end it is Dean who saves the day
Using his hunter skill