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Supernatural episode The Purge in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

At a hotdog eating contest
The winner is met with a deadly surprise
When the fat is sucked from him
His weight gone and he dies

The Winchesters are on the case
Sheriff Donna Hanscum they greet
The brothers aren’t sure
Of the supernatural threat they will meet

When another death occurs
A wellness spa named Canyon Valley becomes a clue
So it’s off to Canyon Valley to go undercover is the plan
To see what they can see you understand

Sam is a yoga instructor
Dean is a cook
When Sam sees a person with a cupping bruise
Time to take a look

Meanwhile Sheriff Donna has the cupping procedure
But she doesn’t know
That Maritza the spa co owner
Is a Pishtaco a Peruvian fat sucker
Who sucks the fat so Donna’s weight goes

Larry is Maritza’s husband
He learns that the Winchesters are hunters on their trail
Larry confronts Maritza’s brother Alonso
But Alonso kills him
Will greed prevail

After some hairy moments
The Winchesters kill Alonso
And a supernatural threat goes away
The Winchesters are alive
To hunt another day