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Supernatural episode Blade Runners in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Dean keeps calling Crowley
Sam is researching the Mark of Cain
But Crowley isn’t returning Dean’s calls
What does the King of Hell hope to gain

In a fancy hotel room
Crowley is with a demon named Lola
Who fulfills his every need
But Lola betrays Crowley to Abbadon
To get in Abbadon’s good graces so Lola can succeed

Crowley kills Lola
His addiction to human blood he can’t control
What is next for Crowley
What remains to be told

In a devil’s trap
Snooki who prefers to be called Nicole
Is the demon the Winchesters summon for Crowley intel
Nicole gives the brothers information to serve them well

Nicole tells the Winchesters that Crowley was in the Western Pacific
And that some of Crowley’s supporters were defecting to Abbadon as well
After getting information from Nicole
An exorcism is store you can tell

The Winchesters go to the hotel
A human blood addicted Crowley is in a bad way
They take control of the situation
By watching Crowley’s movements this day

Later the Winchesters meet with a man named Andre Devlin
To find out about the first blade is their quest
In order to get the needed intel
Crowley possesses Devlin
Demonic possession in this case is what works best

From a curator named Dr. McElroy
The Winchesters learn the first blade was sold
The buyer’s name was Magnus
Was what Dr. McElroy told

Magnus is Cuthbert Sinclair
A Man of Letters who was in poor standing and disappeared
Later the Winchesters use a spell
To open a portal took some care

Magnus uses many spells
To conceal his home and to stay forever young
He has a collection of supernatural creatures and the first blade
When he wants Dean for his collection
A drama has begun

In the end
Sam needs Crowley’s helping hand
Despite the unholy alliance
Defeating Magnus is a priority you understand

Later Dean has the first blade
Dean uses the first blade and Magnus he kills
But the Mark of Cain and the first blade
Have control over Dean’s free will