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Supernatural episode Meta Fiction in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

At a typewriter
Metatron is writing a story
The scribe of God sees himself as a hero
Seeking all the glory

Castiel is in an abandoned factory
He ripped his trench coat but followed a piercing sound
What he saw there
Were dead angels on the ground

One angel is alive
Hannah is her name
She told Castiel that Gadreel wanted the angels to work for Metatron
When they refused he killed them all the same

In a Utah motel
Castiel tells the Winchesters about ingredients for a spell
Griffin feathers and the bones of a fairy
Work to lure angels quite well

Castiel is in the motel
Casa Erotica is on the tv
But that isn’t the biggest surprise
For deceased angel Gabriel is before Castiel’s eyes

How is Gabriel alive
More questions remain
While Castiel and Gabriel are in the car
Gabriel seems supportive of Metatron
To join Metatron what could Castiel possibly gain

While Castiel and Gabriel are at a convenience store
A slew of angels are outside poised to fight
A short time later Castiel discovers that Gabriel isn’t real
The clue was Castiel had ripped his trench coat earlier that night

Now Metatron’s captive
Castiel learns from Metatron
That the scribe is writing the story
And Castiel isn’t the hero
Metatron is the hero who wants the glory

Meanwhile The Winchesters capture Gadreel
Torture comes to Dean’s mind
Sam looks for Castiel
Instead it’s Metatron who Sam finds

Metatron wants a trade
Gadreel in exchange for Castiel
When Metatron blows out the circle of holy oil fire
His powers are godlike
The Winchesters can tell