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Supernatural episode Mother’s Little Helper in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In Milton, Illinois
Murder rules the day
Is there a supernatural reason
Why normal people have become killers anyway

While Dean stays behind
Dealing with the effects of the Mark of Cain
Sam will work the case
Piecing together any clues he can gain

Sam meets Julia
An elderly woman who knows about demons
And the Men of Letters after all
For Julia was a young nun in the 1950s
When Josie and Henry Winchester came to the convent as a house call

Josie and Henry are at the convent
To defeat the demons is a Men of Letters test
A step they need in order to become full members
Josie and Henry will do their best

Later Sister Agnes and the Mother Superior
Are meatsuits to evil’s hold
Sister Agnes is a demon
And Abbadon possesses Mother Superior
A sight to behold

Abbadon wants to possess an unconscious Henry
So Josie makes the ultimate sacrifice to keep Henry alive
By allowing Abbadon to possess her
Henry will survive

Julia had been hiding
While all of this occurred before her eyes
Such a shock to a young nun
Demonic possession for her is an unwanted surprise

Back to the present day
The convent is what Sam finds
The demonic Sister Agnes tells Sam
Abbadon has been creating a demon army
Countless souls Abbadon has mined

In the end
Good wins the day
Sam uses his hunter’s skill
And the demonic Sister Agnes he killed