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Supernatural episode Alex Annie Alexis Ann in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In Sioux Falls
Jody Mills is on the case
Of vampires
And a young runaway the creatures are determined to chase

The young girl is Annie Jones
But Alex is what she said was her name
The vampire named Cody that Jody beheaded
Alex called her family
Is this a sadistic game

Jody calls the Winchesters
Experienced hunters is what she needs
If her plan to uncover the mystery about this runaway
Has any chance to succeed

Piecing together clues the Winchesters learn
Annie Jones was taken from her grandmother
By the vampires long ago
To live life with this nest
The only family she knows

Alex enticed unsuspecting humans
To feed her vampire family was her mission
But guilt over her actions weighed heavily upon her
A debilitating condition

So Alex run away
To save her peace of mind
She was hunted by the nest
Alex was who her vampire family sought to find

The police station was full of Alex and Jody’s scent
So to Jody’s family cabin is where Alex and Jody went
But the vampires find them and take Alex
Still hope is not lost
Jody vows to bring Alex back at any cost

With the Winchesters
Jody goes to the vampire nest
All of them are captured
Things don’t look great
Will the hunters be killed or turned
Either way is a terrible fate

Alex is turned by her vampire “mother”
To drink Jody’s blood a final step to learn
But Alex is brave
Admiration she earns
When she incapacitated her vampire “mother”
Alex seems unafraid
Making it possible for the vampire for Jody to behead

Dean also saved Sam
From the vampires this day
Jody takes in Alex
A new family is formed this way