Supernatural episode King of the Damned in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In 1723 in Scotland
Gavin McLeod planned to set sail
Bound for America
A new life where he hoped to prevail

Of course Gavin is shocked
When Abbadon comes through the door
After killing Gavin’s friend
Abbadon recites a spell
And it’s back to 2014
Time travel works quite well

Meanwhile an angel named Ezra
A Metatron fan he seems to be
In a bar with other angels
Talking about Metatron
Castiel’s supporters are there you see

Castiel’s supporters kidnap Ezra
Information about Metatron is what they need
Castiel calls in the Winchesters
If there’s anyone who is good at getting intel
It is Sam and Dean

At first Dean planned to torture Ezra
But Sam’s idea works best
Bruising Ezra’s ego
Ezra reveals information about Metatron
Clues to help the Winchesters
On their find Metatron quest

According to Ezra
The portal to Heaven is hidden
And moves from place to place
In order to find this portal
What challenges will the Winchesters face

Meanwhile Crowley is angry
His subjects appear to support Abbadon their actions convey
Crowley is surprised to see Gavin
With Abbadon on this day

Abbadon tortures Gavin
At first Crowley says he doesn’t care
Yet as blood pours from Gavin’s eyes
Crowley seems moved by his son’s despair

Crowley agrees to work with Abbadon
Gavin hates his father
But Gavin likes the idea that he is a Prince of Hell
For being the son of the King of Hell his soul won’t be tortured
Things might actually turn out quite well

Castiel meets with Gadreel
To talk on this day
But Castiel’s is ambushed by Metatron’s supporters
Thankfully Castiel comes out of the fight okay

The Winchesters go to the cemetery
Crowley hid the first blade inside a body
Did he need to make things so hard
Soon Sam and Dean must flee
For Crowley’s hellhound Juliet is standing guard

Crowley tells Juliet the hellhound to stand down
So the Winchesters have the first blade
And are on the way for to meet Crowley
Who tells them that he has Abbadon within his sight
Later Crowley says to Dean the word Poughkeepsie
A code word Crowley used this night

Abbadon shot Crowley with a devil’s trap bullet
Her intent is not to kill
When the Winchesters come Abbadon is ready to take them out
Crowley will remain very still

Dean knew the Poughkeepsie code word
But didn’t tell Sam what Crowley said
Dean sent Sam to another location
While he faced Abbadon ahead

It looked like Abbadon was winning
She had Dean pinned against a wall
But the connection between the first blade
And the Mark of Cain is strong
When the first blade flies into Dean’s hand
Answering the Mark of Cain’s call

Dean killed Abbadon with the first blade
And Sam sees Dean lose control
Hitting Abbadon’s body over and over again
For the Mark of Cain’s power of Dean
Is a tragedy destined to unfold