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Supernatural episode Paper Moon in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

After the Demon Dean fiasco
The Winchesters relax by a lake
Yet Dean tells Sam he needs to work
Being back on the job won’t be a mistake

So the brothers are off on a case
The murders look like werewolf kills
The Winchesters piece together clues
Using their hunter skill

Inside a barn
The brothers find dead chickens
When they turn the werewolf around
Kate is who they found

They hold Kate captive
But she breaks free on her own
Still she left behind
Her cell phone

The Winchesters use Kate’s phone
To trace her to the hotel where she stays
They are just in time to see
A blonde werewolf trailing a man this day

By the Winchesters
The blonde werewolf is almost shot
The brothers soon discover
For Kate this werewolf is not

The werewolf is Kate’s sister Tasha
What the Winchesters learn
Tasha was in the hospital and would have probably died
So Kate turned her into a werewolf
A sacrifice to save Tasha is why

But unlike Kate
Tasha refused to give up her craving for human hearts
Tasha even forms a murderous werewolf pack
And the werewolf pack is ready to end the Winchesters’ lives
Kate makes the heartbreaking decision to kill her sister with a knife