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Supernatural episode Soul Survivor in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Sam has a purification ritual from a priest
And bags of blood too
Now it’s back to the Men of Letters bunker
For curing Demon Dean will be a lot of work to do

Chained to a chair in the dungeon
Demon Dean likes the “disease”
The demonic life Demon Dean embraced
But Sam is determined to make things right
By curing Demon Dean
And put the Winchesters back at the same place

Hours and hours pass with painful blood injections
Demon Dean’s fate
Sam knows the risks
But if he is to get his brother back
Sam can’t avoid to wait

Castiel and Hannah are dealing with angel problems
And his lack of grace
While without his bestie Demon Dean
Crowley finds Hell a very lonely place

Later it is Crowley
Who saves the day for Castiel
By killing an angel
And giving Castiel her grace as well

When Sam takes a small break
From the demon curing ritual
To go to Dean’s room
Where old photos Sam sees
The time away from Demon Dean
Gives Demon Dean the time to flee

Soon the hunter becomes the hunted
As Demon Dean pursues Sam
With an ax in hand
Sam locks down the Men of Letters bunker
To give himself a better chance you understand

The cat and mouse drama
Emotions are spent
Demon Dean calls out to Sam
To find out where Sam went

Finally Demon Dean has a knife
At Sam’s throat
Will his brother he be able to kill
Castiel appears to get Dean back in the Men of Letters dungeon
Defeating Demon Dean’s free will

One last blood injection
Has the cure been enough this day
Thankfully the cure is a success
For Dean Winchester is back
And the demonic black eyes have gone away