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Supernatural episode Ask Jeeves in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

The Winchesters hear a voicemail message for Bobby
That he’s been named as a beneficiary in heiress Bunny LaCroix’s will
Since there are no monsters on the radar you know
It is off to New Canaan, Connecticut the brothers go

Now in Connecticut
The brothers meet Bunny’s family
There is Bunny’s cousin Heddy and Heddy’s sister Beverly
Bunny’s brother Stan
Stan’s wife Amber
And grand nephew Dash
Bobby’s inheritance is a fancy key with jewels
That the Winchesters want to sell for cash

But at the pawn shop
The jewels are fake
The Winchesters find
Yet the key looks to be a mystery
Is the key one of a kind

Meanwhile at the mansion
Stan is the next victim to go
Beheaded by the ghost of Bunny’s husband
Say it isn’t so

The maid Collette and now Stan
Back at the mansion
The Winchesters are told by a detective
That as murder suspects they aren’t free to leave
So hunting must be done old school
Creativity must be conceived

While Sam is with Bunny’s family
Dean walks the halls of the mansion to explore
Soon Dean discovers
A door in which the key is for

Up in the attic
Dean runs into Olivia the maid
And clown college is not where Collette did go
College’s dead body is wrapped in a rug
Collette’s death is what the butler Philip didn’t want others to know

Olivia tells Dean that Bunny’s ghost killed Collette
And it looks like Bunny’s husband’s ghost killed Stan
But ghosts don’t usually tag team
That’s something hunters would understand

Later while Sam is dodging Beverly’s advances
Philip’s body he finds
In the servants quarters Dean sees Philip too
And skin shed as the shapeshifter theory comes through

The detective is also murdered
The Winchesters’ presence gives the family doubts
Dash takes the detective’s gun
And locks the Winchesters in a room
Refusing to let them get out

While searching the room for a key to get out
The Winchesters are surprised
For on the security camera
They see Olivia holding the family at gunpoint
Right before their eyes

The Winchesters find some guns
And the lock they shoot this day
Sam is in hot pursuit of Olivia
He won’t let her get away

While Sam and Olivia engage in a deadly game of cat and mouse
Olivia’s life story she tells
Bunny had an affair and became pregnant by a shapeshifter
It was Bobby who killed Olivia’s shapeshifter father as well

But Olivia’s life Bobby spared
Locked in the attic
The attic was the only home she knew
Yet Olivia apparently had no doubt
Of her mother’s love as she grew

Sam has a clear shot
But no silver bullets are in his gun it seems
A short time later
Olivia is killed by Dean

Dean keeps shooting Olivia’s body
As Sam looks on with shock in his eyes this day
The Mark of Cain continues feeding Dean’s murderous urges
Will these murderous urges ever go away