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Supernatural episode The Executioner’s Song in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Cain is on a warpath
Mass murder is his plan
Killing the descendants of his murderous bloodline
By his own powerful hand

The Winchesters will stop Cain from killing
Is what the brothers vow
Dean will kill Cain
With the first blade is how

Rowena isn’t happy
She seems to be bonding with her son
The witch is annoyed
That when the Winchesters call
Crowley will always run

Crowley gives Dean the first blade
Dean promises to give back the first blade once Cain is dead
Cain is in a devil’s trap inside a barn
A deadly battle looms ahead

The devil’s trap doesn’t hold Cain for very long
Dean may have the Mark of Cain
But the Father of Murder
Proves that he is quite strong

For awhile it seems that Cain
Has the superior skill
Finally Dean gets the upper hand
And Cain is killed

Now that Cain is dead
Crowley wants the first blade back
Instead Dean gives it to Castiel for safekeeping
For lying is what Dean has the knack