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Supernatural episode The Hunter Games in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Crowley has been having nightmares
About his subjects killing him
The King of Hell is perplexed
But it is Rowena who has been feeding his doubts
And creating the nightmares with her hex

After the massacre by Dean
Sam and Castiel work hard
At getting the Mark of Cain off of Dean’s arm
Before Dean can do more harm

Sam and Castiel get Metatron out of Heaven’s jail
And bring Metatron back to the Men of Letters bunker
For Mark of Cain intel
Even after Metatron is tortured
Can the Winchesters trust in what Metatron tells

Claire leaves the motel
On her own she goes
In a bar she meets two drifters
Who after learning about Dean
Offer to kill him for her you know

Claire calls Dean
On a peacemaking guise
When Dean goes to Claire
He is met by a deadly surprise

The two drifters try to kill him
But the Mark of Cain makes Dean strong
Dean gets the upper hand
Before too long

Dean is ready to kill the two drifters
Then he hears Claire screams
So Dean spares their lives
He is not as bloodthirsty as he may seem