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Supernatural episode The Things We Left Behind in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In Pontiac, IL
Troubled teen Claire Novak is in a group home
That’s where Castiel finds her
Claire wants Castiel to break her out
Reluctantly he seems to concur

Castiel wears a tie
To the counselor he tries to show fatherly concern
But the counselor is unconvinced
Confidence is what Castiel doesn’t earn

When Castiel breaks Claire out of the group home
A restaurant is where they go this night
Soon Claire skips out on Castiel
To disappear from sight

Castiel calls the Winchesters
The mind of a teen girl an angel wouldn’t know
The brothers follow clues
To determine where Claire might go

Meanwhile Crowley has Gerard bring Rowena
From the dungeon where she has been his prisoner locked away
But Rowena is clever
She convinces Crowley
He needs his mother this day

Back at the group home
The Winchesters learn from the counselor
That Claire bonded with another teen named Dustin Tate
The Winchesters locate Dustin
And Castiel stops Claire from robbing a convenience store
Before it was too late

It was Randy
A father figure to Claire
It is revealed who gave her the gun
And encouraged her to steal

Randy owes men some money
They won’t behave
Claire is in danger
Castiel does save

Sam and Castiel take a shaken Claire to the car
Dean is still in the room
Several men Dean fights
Fueled by the Mark of Cain
Dean kills these men
So much bloodshed this night