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Supernatural episode Paint It Black in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In a Catholic Church
The Winchesters are on the case
Of several suicides
What supernatural horror does chase

Sister Mathias talks with Isabella
A spirit from the past
Isabella’s vengeance comes from a failed love
That once she thought would last

In Florence, Italy in 1520
Isabella posed for Piero
Her blood mixed into the paint
And she gave Piero her heart
But Piero was obsessed
His love was for his art

Meanwhile Crowley captures Olivette
So to the Grand Coven is what Rowena wants to plead her case
When Olivette won’t listen
A hamster is what Olivette is turned to
On a hamster wheel Olivette now will race

Sister Mathias tells Dean
That the church received Isabella’s family treasures
From Italy weeks ago
The ghost of Isabella appears
And possessed Sister Mathias you know

Despite the twists and turns
Vengeful spirits is what the Winchesters know how to fight
So Isabella is vanquished
On this night