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Supernatural episode The Prisoner in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Even when your last name is Styne
And Frankenstein is your legacy
That doesn’t mean that you are immune
From the torment of bullies

High school bullies
Is what Cyrus Styne faced
But his demented family
Puts the bully in his place

Meanwhile the Winchesters
Give Charlie a hunter’s funeral
Remorse fills the air
Dean blames Sam for Charlie’s death
The elder Winchester ignores his brother’s despair

Fueled by revenge
Dean makes a vow
To avenge his friend Charlie
To kill the Stynes in the end

Meanwhile with Rowena
Sam strikes a deal
If Rowena will help to remove the Mark of Cain
Sam will kill Crowley
Is what Sam reveals

Just when it looks as if Sam will kill Crowley
The end to the King of Hell
Crowley proves why he is Crowley
And things for Crowley turn out well

Later Dean is captured by the Stynes
Will this be a Winchester swan song
Yet the Mark of Cain
Gives Dean power the to succeed
And Dean kills the Stynes before too long

At the Men of Letters bunker
Even Castiel
Faces Dean’s deadly wrath
The Mark of Cain carves a murderous path