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Supernatural episode The Things They Carried in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In the Men of Letters bunker
Sam is busy researching the Mark of Cain
But the Winchesters are always hunters
So there is supernatural cases constantly to gain

There have been strange deaths
Soldiers have been linked
Even Cole is connected
This makes the Winchesters think

Uncontrollable thirst
And murderous urges are a key
As the pieces soon unravel
Clues become easier to see

A Khan worm is the culprit
The reason so many have ended up dead
It isn’t long before Cole becomes infected
And Dean looks for a way to save Cole
From the horror that is ahead

To treat a Khan worm infection
Will be no easy ride
But a solution seems to be
To dehydrate the worm from inside

The Khan worm
Makes Cole very strong
Cole and Dean fight
Before too long

After some hairy moments
Dean saves Cole from the tragedy that Cole faced
But the Mark of Cain remains a burden
Against the clock the Winchesters will race