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Supernatural episode The Werther Project in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In St. Louis, Missouri in 1973
A teen goes down to the basement to do laundry this day
Of course when you’re dealing with the supernatural
Going to the basement means heartache is headed your way

There is a strange box
And when she comes back upstairs
Sorrow is her lot
When her family kills themselves
Her pain won’t be forgot

In the present
The Mark of Cain is still a burden
That the Winchesters must deal
But the hunters are on this case
A connection to Magnus is revealed

Through research Sam learns
The Werther Project was Magnus’ plan
With the Werther Project
Magnus’ goal was to keep the codex hidden
So magic lended a hand

But the Werther Project was dangerous
Some Men of Letters were killed
So The Werther Project was hidden
In a Men of Letters chapter house
Did this take some skill

The Winchesters go to the Men of Letters chapter house in Missouri
The teen Suzie of course is now old
What is in the basement
A mystery to unfold

The magic makes suicide
The victim’s intent
But there are also hallucinations
Emotions become well spent

Sam faces his issues through hallucinations
In his hallucination Dean is in Purgatory
A hallucination of Benny
To Dean the hallucination of Benny says plenty

Sam is able to fight his hallucinations
Looks like Dean does the same
Later Sam works with Rowena
Making an unholy alliance a part of the game

Rowena will help with the codex
If Sam agrees to kill her son
To save Dean from the Mark of Cain and to kill Crowley
By working with Rowena
Has a nightmare begun

Sam is a legacy
The box to the codex will open with his blood it is true
The blood loss is huge
The Rowena working with Sam is but a hallucination
The Winchesters are able to make it through