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Supernatural episode Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

The Winchesters are engulfed
The Darkness is around
How is Dean outside the Impala
And who is the mysterious woman he has found

Sam was alone in the car
Knocked out and then awake
Wandering around he later finds Dean
On the ground in a field for goodness sake

Meanwhile under the attack dog spell
Castiel is ready to kill Crowley
You can see
But out of his meatsuit
And into a soccer mom
Did Crowley’s demonic black smoke flee

Dean learns from the mysterious woman
Who is The Darkness
That he set her free
Later when Sam finds Dean and the brothers walk
Death all around them is what they see

There seems to be some strange virus
Killing rules the day it seems to be so
The Winchesters help the injured female sheriff
To the hospital is where they go

Castiel is captured by angels
To await his fate
Can Castiel be saved
Before it is too late

In the hospital
Dead bodies still around
Amidst the death
A little baby is found

Dean and the sheriff protect the baby
Sadly Sam is infected too
This baby girl named Amara
Has the Mark of Cain
She is the Darkness
A telling clue