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Supernatural episode The Bad Seed in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Rowena meets with other witches
With a new coven name to behold
The mega coven is her idea
But the witches aren’t excited truth be told

Both Rowena and Crowley learn
The other is alive and the news doesn’t inspire
Each would want the other dead
That would be their heart’s desire

Meanwhile child Amara is with the King of Hell
Amara is learning her lessons
And as her governess reports to Crowley
Amara is doing quite well

Amara tells Crowley
That God locked her away
Crowley tries to convince the little girl
That she will be protected by the King of Hell this day

Back at the Men of Letters bunker
Castiel is still very ill
Rowena’s attack dog spell has turned him violent
And has taken his free will

In the mirror
Child Amara sees a reflection of her adult self to be
Adult Amara tells her child self something she needs to know
For her power will become stronger as she continues to grow

An angel and a demon talk in a bar
How bad things must be bad so far
If angels and demons
Are talking in a bar

Child Amara continues with her lessons
But she is hungry too
Amara eats souls
Crowley can’t seem to control her
What will the King of Hell do

Rowena is in disguise
But a blonde wig isn’t enough
She is captured by the Winchesters
How will she escape
Will this be tough

Castiel is out of control
A woman he almost kills
And the Winchesters are unable to hold Rowena
Despite their hunter skill

Child Amara has quickly grown
For she is now a teen
Hungry for souls and uncontrollable
What horror she will unleash
Remains to be seen