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Supernatural episode Thin Lizzie in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

At the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast Museum
Killings take place
Is it supernatural
A case for the Winchesters to chase

Was Lizzie Borden’s ghost
Behind the murders as well
When the Winchesters are in the room
Where the killings occurred
It’s a tourist trap as far as they can tell

Fake ghost sounds
And other fake sights
But what is the reason
Why killings occurred this night

Another killings occurs
The Winchesters talk to a man named Len
Who says that he is a Lizzie Borden superfan
Len has another story to tell
For he met the teenaged Amara as well

Amara eats souls
Eating the souls takes away free will
Sadly some of these people
Are prone to kill

Len is one of the people
Whose souls Amara had
Len has no control over his emotions
Whether he is happy or sad

In the end
Len turns himself in for the killings
Even though he committed no crime
For the soulless Len is afraid
He will hurt others in due time