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Supernatural episode Our Little World in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

The Winchesters are on the case
Of soulless victims without end
Through their investigation
They discover the death of Len

Amara is back with Crowley
From his subjects what Crowley learns
A soul eating Amara has become uncontrollable
A grounding is what she earns

Castiel finds out that Metatron
Is a videographer
A job he does his way
Castiel also finds out from Metatron
A truth the former God of scribe conveys
Amara is God’s sister
A surprise to discover this hour
Amara is angry with her brother
She craves unlimited power

Metatron taunts Castiel
Unkind words from Metatron is what Castiel meets
But Castiel attacks Metatron
The former scribe of God he beats

Later when the Winchesters are with Crowley
And Crowley attacks Dean
Amara subdued Crowley
Her power over the King of Hell
Is clearly seen

Amara would have killed Crowley
He should be afraid
She wanted safe passage for Dean
That was what she said