Nicola Choi is an inspiration to all who are blessed to know her by Tracy Diane Miller

My blog is a reflection of those people who inspire me as a poet and writer. My content is primarily poetry since that has been my first love for over 40 years. But I also feel that it is important to acknowledge the people who inspire me. The musicians (Nicki Aycox, Brian Buckley, Mandy Rowden), the writers (Lisa Edwards, Tracie Banister, Vik Rubenfeld, Megan Padalecki, Tosha Michelle, Joey Adams, Felicia Day, Sky Boivin) and friends (Pamela Condon, Michael Moore, Destiny Whitaker, Rayven Whitaker, Jamie and Lisa Steinberg, Susan Broomer, Kathleen Mackey, Juquinthe Norman, Tamar Barbash, Teri Garber, Jane, Susan Gordon, Arlene Allen, Terri Clark, Natalie, Josephine, Melissa Pierce, Danielle Desmond, Erin Wise)… just so many to name. This whole social media experience has been an eye opening journey.

Jared Padalecki, who has given so many of us a life line with Always Keep Fighting, has helped me and countless others in ways he will never realize. I am grateful beyond words.

But the purpose of this blog post is for me to acknowledge a special hero. She is a lady who inspires me and others with her writing talent and advocacy on behalf of the LGBT community and minorities.

Nicola Choi is an inspiration to all who are blessed to know her. I know that she has positively impacted my life. My poetic tributes to her are but a small reflection of how much I adore and respect her.

My definition of a hero is someone who gives all that she is to enrich others life experiences. That is Nicola.

I am blessed to know you, Nicola.