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Supernatural episode Love Hurts in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

It is Valentine’s Day
But for a babysitter
Who is having an affair with a married man love isn’t in the air
For the babysitter is killed
Has something supernatural caused such despair

The Winchesters are on the case
Did the nanny cam record the crime
If a supernatural threat is to be found
The safe bet is Winchesters will find it in time

When the dead babysitter Staci
Comes to the man with whom she was having an affair
His name is Dan
She kills him and holds his heart in her hand

Later when the dead man Dan
Appears at his wife Melissa’s door
Is a shapeshifter
The supernatural evil that the Winchesters are looking for

It isn’t a shapeshifter
But an old curse
The kiss of death
Can it be reversed

In the end
The Winchesters do what they do best
They defeat the supernatural evil
To continue on their hunting quest