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Supernatural episode O Brother, Where Art Thou in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Amara once again proves she is powerful
She reveals her wrath
By killing anyone
Who would dare to cross her path

Sam is still dealing with visions
Of Lucifer’s cage
Dean is doubtful God will help them
The Winchesters aren’t on the same page

The Winchesters go to Crowley
The King of Hell they engage
Is it even possible
To open Lucifer’s cage

Maybe Lucifer can fight the Darkness
That is a risky plan
Dean tells Crowley that Amara is God’s sister
The destruction of humanity
Would be at Amara’s hand

Crowley brings Rowena in on the plan
Can she open Lucifer’s cage as well
Rowena needs the codex
To assist in her spell

While Sam is with Crowley and Rowena
Dean is with Amara
A connection he can’t seem to fight
Dean witnesses Amara power
An amazing sight

After some effort
Rowena’s spell has worked
There is a cage with Lucifer inside
Soon Sam is also in the cage
The younger Winchester can’t hide

Sam is surprised to learn
From Lucifer and not God
Sam’s visions came
Now that Sam is Lucifer’s captive in the cage
What is the Devil’s game