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Supernatural episode The Vessel in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In 1944
The Nazis claimed to have a weapon that could win the war
Called the Hand of God
But what heartache was in store

A Woman of Letters
Delphine was her name
Stole the Hand of God
Could she use its power all the same

In the present day
In the Men of Letters bunker Sam makes a find
Through his research
A Hand of God could defeat Amara
A powerful weapon to give the Winchesters peace of mind

But to get the Hand of God
The Winchesters need to time travel to a submarine back to 1944
Yet time travel can be risky
That is what an angel like Castiel is for

Lucifer is in Castiel’s meatsuit
After receiving the Winchesters’ call
To the Men of Letters bunker like a Trojan horse Lucifer goes
If he can get his hands on the Hand of God
Lucifer may be able to defeat Amara you know

So it is Lucifer at the Men of Letters bunker wearing Castiel’s face
Lucifer will take Dean back to 1944
In the present Sam will remain
But Dean gets on the submarine
While access to the submarine
Is something that Lucifer fails to gain

Dean meets Delphine
From the future to the people on the submarine is what Dean reveals
Telling the soldiers that a German missile will hit them
That’s the tragic deal

Delphine can use the Hand of God
It will take all of her skill
But for the weapon to work
She is who Dean must kill

Back at the Men of Letters bunker
To “Castiel”
Sam offered the power of his soul
To aid in the time travel
But the truth soon unfolds
For Sam learns Lucifer is in Castiel’s meatsuit
Lucifer is ready to kill
Castiel manages to wrestle control to save Sam
Using his free will

Delphine uses the Hand of God
The angel warding is blown this day
Lucifer gets on the submarine before it sinks
To spirit Dean away

At the Men of Letters bunker
Dean learns from Sam that Lucifer is wearing Castiel’s face
Before Lucifer can kill the Winchesters
Dean uses the blood sigil to remove Lucifer from their place