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Supernatural episode Beyond the Mat in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In the wrestling world
Where fan adoration and high intensity reigns supreme
Is the supernatural at work
For wrestlers recent deaths aren’t what they seem

The Winchesters recall
A time long ago
When John Winchester took them
To some wrestling shows

Dean sees an obituary for a wrestler
A childhood hero from the Winchesters’ past
A man John Winchester adored
The good memories do last

So the brothers decide to go pay their respects
Or else they will have regrets
Yet a supernatural mystery awaits
Hunters can’t forget

Sam meets the wrestling former manager
A source of his childhood crush
Dean is a fan of Gunner
A wrestler he admires very much

Meanwhile in Hell
Lucifer’s act of terror on Crowley still rings
Crowley is Lucifer’s slave
Is that any way to treat the former king

But one of Lucifer’s subjects helps Crowley escape
And to a warehouse Crowley and the woman go
To retrieve another Hand of God
You know

But the woman doesn’t like Crowley
It was all part of her scheme
So Lucifer can get to the Hand of God
How cunning it seems

Is this the end for the former King of Hell
No because Crowley does what Crowley does best
When it appears Crowley will be defeated by Lucifer
Crowley survives rising above any deadly test

In the wrestling world
Gunner’s secret is revealed
For he works with a crossroads demon
To help collect on the deals

Gunner made his own crossroads deal years ago
So the way for him to remain alive
Is to work for a crossroads demon
Helping the soul collecting business thrive

In the end
Gunner takes a brave stand
By saving the Winchesters
Giving them a helping hand

Now Gunnar’s soul is headed for Hell
The terrifying sounds of hellhounds can be heard as well
Gunnar is prepared to accept his fate
As vicious hellhounds will not wait