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Supernatural episode Red Meat in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

While hunting pure blood werewolves
A moment that won’t be forgot
For Dean looks on in horror
As Sam is shot

Dean is able to remove the bullet
But a tragedy is told
When it appears that Sam has died
This is how the nightmare unfolds

A couple was attacked by werewolves
Pure bloods we later find
Pure bloods can change
At any time

It looked like when the Winchesters tracked the creatures
They would win
But the werewolf shot Sam
The Winchesters are in a tailspin

They flee the werewolves
Yet face more of the pack
Sam is hurt
But Dean has his back

The couple is scared
The husband Corbin says Sam is slowing them down
So Corbin smothers Sam
When Dean isn’t around

It appears that Sam has died
Dean is in despair
Despite his grief
Dean helps the couple
He is a man who cares

At the hospital Dean has a plan
If he kills himself
He can talk to the reaper Billie
A make a deal for Sam’s life you understand

An almost dead Dean sees Billie
But she offers no deal
Billie surprises Dean
With her shocking reveal
Sam is not dead
How did the younger Winchester heal

Dean is not dead
Not yet
But Billie makes an ominous prediction about Dean’s death
Dean won’t soon forget

Although he is bleeding
Injuries in sight
Sam is amazing
For the werewolves he fights

Sam gets in the car
He struggles to survive
Still somehow
Sam is able to drive

Sam calls Dean
Dean is grateful to hear his brother’s voice
When Corbin turns into a werewolf
Sam kills Corbin
Sam had no choice