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Supernatural episode Safe House in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In a house
A mother pulls wallpaper off the wall
But what she doesn’t know
Is the evil behind it all

Soon a mysterious creature
Causes a child to be afraid
Once it takes hold
The child is left for dead

The Winchesters are on the case
To destroy the supernatural evil fast
But what they discover with this case
Is a connection to the past

Several years ago
When the Apocalypse was a threat
Bobby and Rufus worked this case
The same clues that the Winchesters now find
The veteran hunters also met

The Winchesters
Stay in the same motel as Bobby and Rufus did
And search through Bobby’s old journals
For clues that may have hid

In the past
What Bobby and Rufus found
Was a supernatural entity called a soul eater
That hovered around

The soul eater exists
Outside of time and place
It moves into a house creating a nest
Then the soul eater traps souls is what it does best

The Winchesters realize behind the wallpaper
The sigil kept the soul eater in place
Confined in a way
So souls it was unable to chase

But once the sigil was disturbed
The soul eater was free
To wreck havoc
On the victims you see

The Winchesters will make two blood sigils
Sam in the present and Dean in the nest
Maybe then
The soul eater can finally be put to rest

In the past
Bobby make blood sigils too
Did Bobby see the boys dead
Will this nightmare come true

Inside the nest
Dean sees Sam dead on the floor
But there’s more
Dean is also surprised
To see the soul eater’s victims
Before his eyes

To stop Sam from making the blood sigil
The soul eater creates an evil version of Dean
Whether the soul eater will win
Remains to be seen

After some hairy moments
The soul eater the Winchesters do defeat
The creature is gone
A new lease on life the victims can meet