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Shadows walk in silence, an #AlwaysKeepFighting poem for Jared Padalecki by Tracy Diane Miller

Shadows walk in silence
Their footsteps go unheard
While hearts speak with compassion
And hope resonates with every word

I used to walk alone
Uncertain of my path
Fleeing the arms of depression
Sorrow and wrath

I once was invisible
Lost in a crowd
No one bothered to see me
Despite anguished cries out loud

Did I really matter
A question my soul would ask
To learn to love myself first
Became a difficult task

Then one day you spoke
You made a courageous choice
To share your own struggles
To give our pain a voice

Shadows walk in silence
Yet they follow compassion’s lighting
We are no longer invisible
Because of you Jared Padalecki
We will Always Keep Fighting