Fate knows her purpose, a poem for @LisaNEdwards by Tracy Diane Miller

You can’t fight fate
Why would you try
A bird follows her destiny
With whispers in the sky

And while clouds appear
To be never in any rush
When soul mates meet
Their hearts will touch

Chasing Butterflies
Is no easy task
So why do you try
If I may ask

For butterflies have already
Embraced their fate
Beautiful and resilient
No need to wait

The seed of a sunflower
Be forewarned
Accepts its fate
Before it is born

To reside in a garden
To find its bliss
The seed of a sunflower
Is not to be missed

Chasing Butterflies
To answer the call
Will I find joy
After all

You can’t fight fate
A path so conceived
Fate knows her purpose
You just need to believe