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Supernatural episode The Chitters in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In the woods
A creature came
Inflicting horror
All the same

The Men of Letters bunker
A week has passed
Still the Winchesters have no leads
On Cas

But the brothers have a job
Hunting monsters is what they do
Sam tells Dean of a case
To begin to piece together clues

A mutant creature
With green eyes
Comes every 27 years
Then people disappear or die

A witness tells the Winchesters
Her grandmother said the chitters
Were a buzzing sound
Craziness and orgies in the woods
Also to be found

Green eyes
Are also a key
For this creature that comes every generation
And horror to see

In the woods
Where Dean goes to investigate
He sees the creature
Then it attacks
But Dean is saved by hunters who have the knack

Decapitation is a way
This creature to kill
A hunter named Jesse
Has great skill

In 1989
Jesse was a young boy
When the creature killed his brother Matty
But no one believed him when he said
A monster came
Still the town was afraid

Jesse and Cesar
Are a hunting team and a couple too
Their commitment to the job and each other
Will see them through

Jesse tells the Winchesters
The creatures are a bisaan
They stay underground
To invade a human body in order to reproduce
When a mate can found

The buzzing sound
Is the bisaan mating call
A interesting fact
After all

In an abandoned site
The creatures are found
Eggs are left as the creatures bred
To burn with gasoline
Before a monster race may succeed

Jesse finds Matty’s body among the bodies
After a lifelong quest
He will finally give his brother a proper funeral
And lay him to rest

Later Dean tells Sam
Maybe they could have Jesse and Cesar help them
In the Amara fight
Only to learn that Jesse and Cesar plan to retire from hunting
To live a normal life
A rare happy ever after for hunters is right