The road so far for Sam Winchester, a poem by Tracy Diane Miller

His name is Sam Winchester
May 2nd is his birthday
Hopefully he can celebrate
And supernatural evil will stay away

For Sam Winchester
The road so far has not been easy
The deaths of so many loved ones
His destiny is full of tragedy

When Sam was six months ago
Fate so cruelly arranged
That he would lose his mother in a fire
His family dynamics are forever changed

His father John became a hunter
Getting revenge against the thing that killed
His wife Mary became his quest
Saving people, hunting things, the family business
Is what the Winchesters do best

Older brother Dean
Is full of charm
Dean is the definition of the protective older sibling
His job is to keep Sam from harm

Sam wanted a normal life
A desire he so desperately craved
But for John Winchester
The family business was everything
Why couldn’t Sam just behave

So Sam and John constantly argue
While Dean played referee many a day
Sam won a full ride to Stanford University
And to college he went away

A young hunter in college
Law school was his future and he had a girl
But a normal life wasn’t in the cards for Sam Winchester
Soon his future would be in peril

Dean comes to Stanford
Dad’s on a hunting trip and he hasn’t come home
It has been days is what Dean said
Reluctantly Sam agrees to look for John
Yet heartache loomed ahead

The brothers review the clues
Why did John disappear from sight
But they also work a case
They hunt a vengeful spirit known as a woman in white

It isn’t always easy
Yet the woman in white they defeat you know
They haven’t found John
But back to Stanford
Sam goes

On Monday
Sam has a law school interview
A full ride could be on his plate
But Sam Winchester’s destiny is shaped by heartache
And tragedy doesn’t wait

Sam Winchester’s girlfriend
The beautiful Jessica Moore
He planned for them to have a future
Jessica who he so adored

Fate waved her hand
Sam Winchester was not to have his desire
For just like Sam’s mother
Jessica burned on the ceiling consumed by fire

For Sam Winchester
Life as a hunter is the normal he gained
Demons, witches, ghosts, angels and even Lucifer
A slew of supernatural evil
Is the never-ending refrain

His name is Sam Winchester
May 2nd is his birthday
Hopefully he can celebrate
And supernatural evil will stay away