With a heart as big as Texas, a birthday poem for Megan Padalecki by Tracy Diane Miller

Everything is big in Texas
I have often heard it said
Megan’s writing talent is big
As readers discovered in her book
Big Mo that they joyously read

With a message of conservation
And exquisite illustrations to behold
Readers have embraced Big Mo
As the story before them did unfold

With a heart as big as Texas
She used her talent and emotions to create
Megan was born to be a writer
Yet with her time as an architect
Her writing ideas would wait

Childhood memories
To protect and cherish in your mind
With the seed of dreams to flourish
The roadmap to your creative talent to find

With a heart as big as Texas
With more stories you will write
To come readers way
I send you my best wishes
And this poem I write for your birthday