A dream is a memory in the night, a poem for @LisaNEdwards by Tracy Diane Miller

When the moon sets the stage
And the stars answer a curtain call
In my bed I’m ready to sleep
That is where I will be after all

A Sandman to visit
As slumber takes my hand
I soon begin to dream
Will I understand

What is a dream
But a memory in the night
Maybe a dream is Fate speaking
A companion in sight

Messages delivered
A purposeful refrain
What do my dreams say
What will I gain

Do nightmares have a story to tell
Should I still listen as well
For even in a nightmare state
Fate is working
She does not wait

Pieces of a puzzle
A destiny to see
If I just open my heart
Might I hear Fate speaking to me

The moon and the stars understand
The language of Fate
They listen to Fate
A voice that is great

A dream is a memory in the night
Through a dream
Fate has a strong voice
I need to listen
Not surrender my choice