Why I am grateful to have @mykalday1 as a friend by Tracy Diane Miller

We are the product of our life experiences. I grew up in inner city Philadelphia. Watching The Brady Bunch on television, I used to imagine how it would be to live in a nice suburban neighborhood, have sleepovers or to go on family vacations like I saw on television. But those things weren’t a part of my reality.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t consider my childhood as deprived. My mother may have had limited financial resources, but she more than made up for it with her love. Her children were her life. She taught us early on that the simplest things provide the greatest joy because those things are born from a genuine desire to give.

I do think, though, that not really socializing with other children (my twin sister was pretty much my sole companion as a child) made me hesitant and distrustful of people. I was afraid to give my heart because I figured that it would be broken so why bother.

When I joined Twitter on April 23, 2015, my childhood hesitancy reared its head. I noticed that there were people who used social media as a platform for nastiness. I could never understand why. Why would anyone want to take the time to spread venom, to hurt others? Still, I took the leap into social media. My strategy was simple: I would stay in my small corner, interact with very few people, write poetry and articles and book reviews for The Nerdy Girl Express. Let others swim in the pool of nastiness. Decency was my preferred dry land.

One of the people that I was blessed to meet online and who has since become a dear friend is Mike. I’m so grateful to have him in my life. Here is a man, a true Southern gentleman, who deals with his own struggles yet he is full of compassion for others. He cares enjoy to spread joy in the Twitter sphere through humor, music, etc. I have seen many dark days that I try to get through by writing poetry. Mike almost senses when I’m feeling down. I’ll get a tweet from him or read tweets that he sends to others where he’s sharing music or his humor. Mike is the kind of guy you want as a friend. Having Mike in my life enriches it.