Why you should read @LisaNEdwards books in verse, a poem by Tracy Diane Miller

I know that you are busy
You may not have the time
But I am going to tell you why you should read Lisa N. Edwards books
So I put it into rhyme

Lisa writes about pre destiny
Can’t Fight Fate
A journey towards self-discovery
Something to anticipate

Of course with anything
Where a reward must be earned
Along the way
Lessons are learned

The road towards bliss
Is not paved in gold
There are jagged rocks
As a tale unfolds

Nikki Kirkpatrick
Our protagonist is intelligent, loyal and strong
Searching for her soulmate
It seems so long

A psychic told Nikki
About a man with green eyes
Is that man
Nikki’s soulmate
Or will life offer a surprise

Nikki is a character
Whose attributes mirrors the reader
She represents us
She has strengths and flaws
So many lives she will touch

Can’t Fight Fate
Is an amazing book
With a marvelous reveal
In an important way
In our own lives
Can’t Fight Fate
Is a touchstone
A tool to heal

But Lisa N. Edwards
Writing talent doesn’t end with one book
Certainly not
She wrote an incredible sequel to Can’t Fight Fate
A book called Chasing Butterflies
A literary treasure that should not be forgot

In Chasing Butterflies
Is Fate full of wrath
As Nikki is still looking for her green eyed soulmate
Is she on the right path

Writing two incredible books
Is clearly an impressive feat
But gifted writer Lisa N. Edwards penned a trilogy
A third book for readers to meet

Seed of A Sunflower
Will be released this year
Readers should thank Lisa N. Edwards
For her books will endear

Why should your read Lisa N. Edwards books
To sum up best
We all are on life’s journey
With happiness our desired quest