I wrote this poem in memory of my mother, Arlene Miller (August 24, 1924-May 10, 2005). And for those of you who have also lost your mother, know she is now an angel in Heaven and that she is always watching over and loving you.

For all of the mothers who are angels in Heaven, a poem for Tracy Diane Miller

For those of us who have lost our Mothers
The pain never really goes away
It is heartache that lives within us
Each and every day

For us
Mother’s Day is a sad reminder
Of a first love we have lost
We long for just one more moment with our mother
For that moment we would pay any cost

Our mothers are now angels
Heaven is where they reside
Yet they still find a way to watch over us
A never-ending love
They can not hide

They visit us in dreams
To tell us everything will be okay
We are our mothers children
Something death won’t ever take away

For all the mothers who are now angels in Heaven
One thing I know to be true
Although you are no longer physically with us
We will never stop loving you