Why we need a #Spn spin-off with Jesse & Cesar, a poem by Tracy Diane Miller

In the Supernatural episode the Chitters
Jesse and Cesar were two new hunters that we met
Portrayed by actors Lee Rumohr and Hugo Ateo
Two of the most talented guest stars yet

Jesse and Cesar are a hunting team
And a couple too
Love and respect despite personal sacrifice
Will certainly see them through

Fighting the supernatural is a hard life
Their sacrifice we must admire
Yet a rarity for hunters
Is that Jesse and Cesar plan to retire

Raising horses is a nice rest
But fans want to see more of Jesse and Cesar
A Supernatural spin-off for these characters
Would certainly work best

Lee Rumohr and Hugo Ateo
Could carry their own show
Fans would have no doubt
And of course Jesse and Cesar
Could appear once again on Supernatural
To help the Winchesters out

I may be conflicted
A happily ever after would be nice for Jesse and Cesar you know
But Lee Rumohr and Hugo Ateo are such gifted actors
I don’t want to see their characters go