See the world through hopeful eyes, a poem for @sleepingkoala45 by Tracy Diane Miller

See the world
Through hopeful eyes
Yet clouds are silent
To Heaven’s surprise

Each day begins
Fresh and new
Kissed by nostalgia
As memories grew

The past
Certain to have left her mark
Those cherished moments
In your heart will spark

Don’t be afraid
To shed a tear
Your wonderful Scott
Will always be near

Even as the day
Is full of wrath
I know that Scott walks with you
Along the path

Scott is the breeze
To touch your face
Scott is the champion
Your nightmares he will chase

Scott is the best
Of that rhythm you knew
Scott is the angel
Who will see you through

Scott is that shadow
On the wall
Who will never
Let you fall

Scott smiles
Close your eyes
And feel his touch
For he will always love you very much