The lady behind the writer, a poem for @LisaNEdwards by Tracy Diane Miller

As a reader
To a writer’s world you get an invite
To explore the characters and plots
A journey of much delight

But if you are very lucky
A privilege it turns out to be
To get to know the lady behind the writer
An inspiration for all to see

For she is a mother
Her children the greatest story
Through her love and guidance to behold
Like their mother her children will give the world their compassion and talent
A blessing to unfold

For she is a friend
Her love and support such a gift
When the day is unkind
Lisa offers your heart a lift

For she is a sister
Her love and support for her brother
I really admire
She challenges critics armed with class
Her words and actions to inspire

The lady behind the writer
I’m so grateful that I got to know
Lisa is a positive role model
Through poetry I tell you so