The beauty of her words, a birthday poem for @LisaNEdwards by Tracy Diane Miller

You are a writer
The characters and plots you weave
A tapestry of excellence
You have conceived

It began as a seed
An idea so great
A book to thrill
Called Can’t Fight Fate

Nikki Kirkpatrick
Her strength and her flaws
Is a reflection of the reader
After all

A green eyed soul mate
Can a romance begin
But for Nikki growing as a person
Is the greatest win

Chasing Butterflies
A sequel to admire
The successor to Can’t Fight Fate
Both books do inspire

Seed of A Sunflower
The end of Nikki’s quest
For Lisa N. Edwards
Gives readers her very best

The beauty of her words
Full of power
The joy to her readers
Fills endless hours

With the utmost gratitude
A poem to convey
My very best wishes
On your birthday