Why I am grateful that I am a twin by Tracy Diane Miller

I have never hit the lottery. But I am wealthy. I have received some incredible blessings in my life. At fifty, I can look back at my life with a clear heart and appreciative eyes. What I lacked in material rewards has been made up for in emotional gifts.

I am grateful that I am a twin. It is, and continues to be, the best thing that has ever happened to me. I traveled the often treacherous roads of life with my best friend by my side. Stacy is God’s gift to me. I could never repay such generosity. It was as if God said that despite the emotional upheavals in my life, He would guarantee that I was never alone.

When we were children, we often fell asleep holding hands. I always felt safe knowing that my twin was near. I am hesitant about giving my trust to people as I have scars from those individuals who have hurt me. Yet, I know that Stacy is there for me. She wants to fight my battles (even when I may not need or want her to). She believes in me (even when I find it hard to believe in myself). She loves me unconditionally (even when I find it hard to love myself).

I write poetry. I write poetry often because I hurt so badly longing for a past that exists only in my memories. Depression is my constant companion, a mocking and fierce foe, that shadows me at every turn. But what depression didn’t count on is that I have Stacy.

I have hit the best lottery in the world. I am wealthy beyond belief for I am a twin.

Thank you God for making me a twin, for giving me Stacy. I am very grateful.