I have published my first poetry book by Tracy Diane Miller

I have published my first poetry book. I pause a moment to let that sink in. I. HAVE. PUBLISHED. A. POETRY. BOOK.

The little eight year girl inside of me who told her mother in 1973 that she wanted to be a Poet Laureate when she grew up must be smiling.

When I decided to give up a full time legal career, I knew that it would be a risk. But I have given law 30 years of my life. I spent so much time feeling unhappy with working in law. Yet, I also felt guilty because I had been fortunate enough to attend an Ivy League law school on a full academic scholarship. Why couldn’t I just be happy about my career choice?

I’m sure that my depression played a large part in my guilt and self-loathing. I’m also sure that the little girl that still lived inside of me, the little girl that was happiest when she was writing, was screaming to get out.

I finally let her be free.


Depression still refuses to give up without a fight. At last I can say neither will I.