Why I am grateful for Nicki Aycox, a birthday poem for @RealNickiAycox by Tracy Diane Miller

Nicki Aycox has given fans
A valuable gift
For she shares a piece of her heart
To allow our spirits a lift

Each song from her EP Red Velvet Room
The lyrics and melody we have come to adore
Is a reflection of Nicki Aycox
Giving us joy and so much more

Raw and authentic
Like a bird free from a gilded cage
Red Velvet Room stirs our soul
With music we gratefully engage

The road from red carpet to musician
She walked a path so brave
Full of its own challenges
To give fans the music we crave

Why am I grateful for Nicki Aycox
Telling you is not a task
For Nicki Aycox is very special to me
I will tell anyone who might ask

I am grateful for Nicki Aycox
Genuine is she
Full of support and encouragement
She wants you to be the best you can be

I am grateful for Nicki Aycox
Who will courageously share her fear
She will reach for her dream
For dreams might seem far away but they lurk so near

I am grateful for Nicki Aycox
She listens with her heart
Red Velvet Room is her masterpiece
Stellar musical art

I am grateful for Nicki Aycox
For because of her my poetry will grow
How can I ever thank her
Because she has done more for me than she could ever know