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Supernatural episode Alpha and Omega in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Team Winchester soon discover
That Amara is blocking out the sun
With God also dying
The lack of balance between light and dark
Means the end of the world has begun

While everyone in the bunker
Seem resigned to defeat
Sam presents some ideas
Maybe solutions to the problem they can meet

To defeat Amara
Is perhaps to blow her away to Hell
To make a bomb
Thousands and thousands of souls will work quite well

Souls from both Heaven and Hell
Won’t be enough
Compiling countless souls to make the bomb
Shouldn’t be this tough

The Winchesters later realize
Scores of souls from ghosts they will need
So it’s off to collect these souls
If this risky plan has any hope to succeed

Later the Winchesters are in for a shock
When in the Men of Letters bunker
The Reaper Billie does show
If you need countless souls
To ask a reaper is the best strategy
As these hunters should know

Billie gives the Winchesters
The souls she holds in her hand
Then Rowena tells Dean the soul bomb
He will carry inside of him
And that means certain death for the older Winchester you understand

Dean Winchester is a hero
Even if death must be his fate
He bravely carries the bomb inside of him
The darkness capturing the sun refuses to wait

The Winchesters go to their mother’s grave
Despite the gravity of the situation
Dean tells Sam
That an epic funeral is what he craves

Dean is very determined
Despite certain death he does face
He wants his ashes spread near his mother
In this most peaceful place

Meanwhile a mysterious woman
Lady Toni is her name
Has compiled information on the Winchesters
What is her end game

Dean faces Amara
A tragic destiny for Dean seems poised to be
Surprisingly he convinces Amara that she needs her brother
Soon Amara summons Chuck for her to see

Amara and Chuck
Finally confess that family is all they got
This simple lesson
Is something that apparently God and his sister had forgot

Amara heals Chuck
The sun is restored to a bright glow
Back at the Men of Letters bunker
Sam and the others
Believe the plan to defeat Amara worked you know

Sam tells Castiel
That the plan succeeding means Dean is dead
Yet Sam is unaware
Of his own imminent danger ahead

After using a sigil
To send Castiel away
Lady Toni tells Sam that she is with The Men of Letters london chapter
And because of all Sam’s misdeeds
She is taking him away this day

Sam Winchester won’t go quietly
A battle of wills between the younger Winchester
And Lady Toni remains to be won
It appears that Sam may have been shot
When Lady Toni fires her gun

Amara and Chuck are reconciled
But before they leave they hint at a surprise
For Dean Winchester receives a big shock
When his mother Mary appears before his eyes