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Supernatural episode We Happy Few in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Lucifer is angry
That God wasn’t there
To miss a million birthdays
Means his daddy didn’t care

But Lucifer is a petulant child
Blaring loud music in a Men of Letters bunker room
Seemingly unconcerned about Amara
And the Darkness endless gloom

Chuck won’t apologize
A sorry to Lucifer and to humanity
Neither will get
Because God apparently
Is lacking in regret

Crowley’s subjects
Have lost all faith in him
The King of Hell’s requests
They treat as a tiresome whim

Is working on a spell
To fight Amara
Will her plan turn out well

The Winchesters hold family counseling
Between God and his son
Will Lucifer get that apology he wants
A prize that must be won

While Dean talks to Crowley in Hell
Sam is with Rowena
To defeat Amara
Will take a witch’s help as well

Lucifer is in Heaven
He allows Castiel to speak
Assistance from his angelic brothers and sisters
Is what he seeks

Amara goes to Donatello
Torture is at hand
Soon she learns that God is in Kansas
Getting the information from the newest prophet you understand

Soon Amara is in the Men of Letters bunker
A fight does begin
Will the victor be the Darkness
Or will Team Winchester win

Witches and angels and demons
All do their best
Amara gets injured
But she isn’t put to rest

Amara attacks the Winchesters
From Castiel’s meatsuit
Lucifer flees
Is God now dead at Amara’s hands
A surprise for all to see